Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why join Skeptron?

The Alpha Kappa Rho Fraternity and Sorority is a community of doctrinated Skeptrons. Every Skeptron within our community respect and celebrate the heritage of community pioneers as well as new community members.

We, members are focused in educating, training, guiding and bringing fellow members close together in relation to our Services to God, Country, Parents, school and to the Brotherhood.It has lightened some layman's curiosity who our members are and what kind of members are we. Our Brotherhood welcomes anyone who identifies their intent to join and enjoy the opportunity to experience how to be called a 'Fellow' to our Brotherhood. We seek to strengthen the connection of the Alpha Kappa Rho heritage patterned from Philippine fraternal atmosphere while traditional groups in the modern world are further developing. Peculiar Alpha Kappa Rho family circle provides opportunities to a variety of peculiar peaceful Services. It not only draws shared principle to a changing environment but members shared the modest way to adapt the environment. Alpha Kappa Rho is not an expression and neither a signature brand. It is integral to humanity and not a revert derivative. Its members have the common goal to shape up philanthropy among members according to their evolving individual beliefs and values. In expressing their harmless Mission and peaceful Vision, members themselves take part in the essentials of Social involvement, Civic actions, and Community drives.

When you need someone to talk to, you will always find a brother who is genuinely interested and who really cares about what happen to you. You will find a brother who understands that you are only human and are seeking to improve yourself in many ways. You will find a brother who offers to help before you have a chance to ask.

Alpha Kappa Rho is brotherhood.

In a very real sense, the Fraternity creates a family relationship among its members. It aims to bring together a group of young men who will be congenial, loyal, and helpful to one another during some of the best years of their lives. Thus Alpha Kappa Rho offers its members the nearest possible equivalent to home that can be found on the college campus and in the community, and these close ties often bind men in friendships for life.

Alpha Kappa Rho is equality.

Members have full and equal rights in the chapter, including voting privileges and the ability to hold office, attend all meetings and functions, and wear the letters and insignia of the Fraternity. New members are integrated immediately into the chapter.

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